Aston Valley 11, Upper Darby 4

Aston’s win comes with shots of a different kind


Leading by an 11-4 margin and batting in the top of the sixth inning Monday, Aston Valley looked to be on its way to comfortably clinching a Delco League playoff spot at Kerr Field.

Before it sealed that, though, a moment of discomfort was required.

The game with Upper Darby was abruptly halted in the sixth inning when Blue Sox outfielders and field umpire Lou Acello heard what they thought to be gunshots, an admitted first for all involved.

“You heard like a pop, pop, pop,” Aston Valley outfielder Steve Maloney said. “I was just sitting in dugout, so I didn’t think anything of it. Then the Upper Darby outfielders heard it, and they had Lou call the game.”

“We heard something,” Upper Darby manager Dave Jerdon said. “We just didn’t know what was happening.”

Maloney and Jerdon said it was difficult to ascertain where the noises were coming from at Yeadon’s Kerr Field, which is abutted on two sides by Septa train lines and wooded areas near Cobbs Creek. The noises, though, sounded like they were emanating from the neighborhood.

“It just seemed like it was something random,” Jerdon said.

During the game, Aston Valley did enough to clinch the playoff spot behind five strong innings from Tyler Campbell on the mound. Julian Kurych finished a triple shy of the cycle. Kendall Small and Max Carney supplied two hits and three RBIs each, and Maloney added two hits.

As far as how to process something so unusual … well, that’s maybe better left until tomorrow.

“We didn’t really get in the dugout” to talk about it, Jerdon said. “We got out of there. We took off.”