2019 Season Preview

An inside look at the 2019 Delco League 

by Harry Chaykun

Aston Valley Knights

GM: Marc Spero

Coach: Jarad Carney

Key returning players: Matt Domian (C); Nick Macey (C/OF; Jarad Carney (SS/P); Max Carney (2B); Donavan Davis (P); Trevor Jump (P); Christian Bateman (OF/SS); Luke Lebeau (2B); Eric Stewart (1B/OF)

Newcomers: Josh Roach; Matt Dallar

GM’s Outlook: “Positive outlook for the season, but with a lot of new faces planned on the roster as a number of key veterans will not be returning. A number of open spots in the lineup and on the pitching staff, but key returners are strong up the middle, including Jarad and Max Carney in the infield, with Christian Bateman in center field and Matt Domian and Nick Macey behind the dish.”



Owner/pitching coach: James Balk

Manager: Dan McShane

Coach: Paul Motta

Key returning players: Pat Warrington (CF); Chip Scherer (Inf/OF); Bob Williams (1B); Glenn Stanners (P) – all four have been selected for one or more all-star appearances – and Alex Barker (OF/P), whose 2018 season was cut short by elbow trouble.

Key Newcomers: Edwin Lee (1B/OF); Gilbert Peralta (SS/3B); Todd McGee (P), who played several years in the Frontier League.


Concord Canes

GM/Coach: Joe Convery

Manager: Frank Saviski

Coaches: Jake Carr; Joe Kirby

Key returning players: Frank Saviski (3B/P); Nate Sides (SS/P); Jake Carr (1B/DH); Ben Faso (OF/P)

Key Newcomers: Joe Poduslenko (3B/Inf); Matt Maul (SS)

GM’s Outlook: “The Concord Canes are back in the Delco League for 2019, and the team is ready to compete.”


Marple Newtown Black Sox

Manager: Nick DuComb

Key returning players: Tom Carey (OF) has worked his way and become a staple in the middle of lineup; Luke Turner (3B) playing his second season with the Black Sox; Danny Kelleher (RHP) has been a regular starter on the pitching staff for several years.

Key Newcomers: Eddie Gallagher (RHP) from Saint Joseph’s University; Adam Fine (OF) from Harriton High.

Manager’s outlook: “After making the playoffs the last two years, the Black Sox are looking to continue to improve on that, play hard every night, and hopefully find our way back to the post-season.”`


Middletown Lions

GM: Bill DeFeo

Manager: Dave Dragone

Coach: Rusty Abrams

Key returning players: Bobby Jones (SS/P; Jim Quinn (C); Chris Lansberry (OF).

Key newcomers: Matt Arbogast (3B/1B); Dylan Bittle (P/OF); Jeff Lunger (DH).

Manager’s comments: “The Lions will be younger than they have been in recent years, with four high school players playing key roles on the team this year. They will join a core group of proven veterans, including Chris Lansberry, Jim Quinn, and Anthony Kyne. The mix of young and old should make for a competitive team this season.”


Narberth Mudcats

Manager: Steve DeBarberie

Key returning players: Player/manager Steve DeBarberie (OF); TJ Chism (P/OF) 2018 playoff championship series MVP; Joe Ravert (1B); Richie Tecco (SS); Lee Lipinski (C); Ryan Tecco (DH); Luke Cantwell (CF); Chris Huyette (P); Marty McKeone (P); Toby MacCart (P); Evan Raiburn (P); Mike Anthony (P); Jorge Jimenez (P); James Santore (P).

Key Newcomers: Three players who took the 2018 summer to play in collegiate leagues: Kevin McGowan, Tommy Toal, and Steve Furman. The Mudcats will find out after the MLB Draft if they are able to bring on JMU Pitcher Dan Goggin and La Salle closer Connor Hinchliffe.

Manager’s outlook: “Narberth looks to build upon a strong last few years and make another championship run. A few starters from 2018 are unable to return, but with others coming back, the team has a lot of depth and options throughout the roster which will help during a long summer. The starting lineup is very deep and has some interchangeable parts that allows them to play matchups when the situation arises. Once again, the Mudcats have a nice mix of veteran players and college players which has provided positive results over the last few years and they hope will again in 2019.”


Springfield Colonials

Manager: Bill McMenamin

Player/Coaches: Gabe Encarnacion; Steve Trainer

Key returning players: Norm Donkin (Inf/OF); Gabe Encarnacion (1B); Steve Trainer (C/1B/DH); Dan McMenamin (OF); Mitch Helmandollar (C/IF/OF); Mike Smith (P/OF); Matt Sheperd (C); Vince Piccioni (P/Inf/OF); Eric Bergman (OF); James Luskin (C); Tom Luskin (OF); Joe Samohod (P); Pat Amerson (OF/Inf); Rich Gallo (OF).

Key newcomers: Casey Vaughin (Inf); Cole Palis (Inf); Colin Eberhardt (P); Colin McCormick (Inf); Dominque Miller (Inf/OF); Eddie Ronanyne (P/Inf); Nick Sharer (Inf/DH); Matt Tassone (P).

Manager’s outlook: “Gabe and Steve will share the coordination during the games with me. Good core returning with a few young guys looking to contribute.  If we get some pitching, we hope to be in the running for a playoff spot.”


Upper Darby Blue Sox

Manager: Dave Jerdon

Coaches: Grant Kernaghan; Lenny Montano

Key returning players: Joe Suppa (sixth season); Vince Gasbarro (11th year);

Tyler O’Shea (fifth year); Grant Kernaghan (P; 14th year); Lenny Montano (30 years in Delco League); Johnny Gonzalez (P; eighth year); Ben Thorpe; Ben Mutz.

Key newcomers: Max Anastasio; Tyler Michaels; Nick Wright.



Manager: Brian Fili

Key returning players: Kevin Mohollen (OF); Dan Williams (Inf); Ed Paparella (OF); Matt Briner (1B); Cameron Mathes (P/Inf); James Dougherty (P); Tom Cockill (P); Matt Eiel (P).

Key newcomers: Will Peiffer (P); Joe Peluso (P); Ryan Buck (P); Tim Carfrey (P); Brian Kane (P); Tim Edwards (P); Alden Mathes (P/OF); Kenny Collins (OF); Bill Ford (C/P); Brady Mutz (C); Rob Paller (Inf); Luke Mutz (Inf).

Manager’s outlook: “Wayne is excited to add new pitchers to an already established pitching staff and will add new bats to the lineup to help with depth over the summer. The goal year in and year out is to compete and win a Delco League championship. We have an exciting mixture of veterans and some very talented young ballplayers to bring energy to the field each night.”